Water means life, having fun. But water can also mean danger. That's when a lifebuoy cabinet makes all the difference. Every year 372,000 people worldwide die from drowning. That's 40 people every hour. In Belgium, drowning is the tenth most important cause of death. It is even the second most important cause of death among 0–19-year-olds. You are turning the tide. How? With a bright red GFE lifebuoy cabinet. It contains excellent, durable rescue equipment and, if desired, a unique digital warning system.

Your customised lifebuoy cabinet

Do you have a leading position at a port, recreation park, city or municipality? Make sure to buy a GFE lifebuoy cabinet. Why? Your lifebuoy cabinet is essential to guarantee the safety at any waterside location. You can count on the knowledge of the experienced GFE team. You will receive advice on:

  • the most efficient organisation of waterside safety
  • the (local) legislation
  • the specific safety requirements of your insurance company
  • the most suitable products of your location

Did you know that your lifebuoy cabinet and equipment can be fully personalised?

Your lifebuoy cabinet: the benefits

GFE is the reference when it comes to waterside safety. We make your innovative and fully equipped lifebuoy cabinet with an eye-catching design. Your GFE lifebuoy cabinet is:

  • made of durable and impact-resistant material
  • UV-resistant
  • optimally visible
  • optionally equipped with a unique digital warning system, secured by sensors..
  • Equiped with informative labels

In addition, the interior of your lifebuoy cabinet has an extremely smart design. Every square centimetre is put to the best possible use. The cabinet opens quickly and easily. And everything is clear at a glance.

Would you like more information? Contact us without obligation. We will gladly make your customised lifebuoy cabinet. 

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