About us...

General Floating Equipment is a family owned and Belgian based company, since 1986. The group was originally founded by the Bezemer family in 1855.  Trusted by long term collaborative relationships and cooperation with partners in several European countries.

General Floating Equipments main targets:

  • Be the reference regarding safety along the water
  • Prevent drowning
  • Creating a safe and secure environment

For more than 30 years, we have adapted and improved our product quality to the prescribed standards, resulting in great trust from our customers.

General Floating Equipment has a total of more than 100 water related rescue products and we're looking back on a successful history of more than 55 years. Our production sites are in Europe and our Headquarters are located in the port of Antwerp

Who are our clients ?

  • Infrastructure builders of waterways, harbours and shipyards as well as public areas.
  • Governmental agencies responsible for the ports and waterways.
  • Management and exploitation of lakes- and large swimming ponds as well as recreation areas.
  • Yachting Marinas.
  • Marine- and safety equipment resellers.
  • And many more...