GFE smart digital

GFE smart digital

Make your waterfront locations digitally secure. Get advice from the experienced GFE team.

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GFE smart digital
Innovative rescue equipment

GFE is committed to innovation and technology. Discover the GFE smart digital.

Life-saving equipment is vital at your waterside location. Unfortunately, these life-saving appliances are often subject to theft and vandalism. In the past, only a physical check of your lifebelt box(es) was possible. That requires a lot of time and manpower. That is why GFE has had a digital warning system developed. This ingenious mechanism detects and reports every:

  • removal of the lifebuoy or hook
  • technical failure or empty battery

If the lifebuoy is removed an activation of a first signal starts and a report is automatically displayed in an online platform.
There you can see which lifebuoy has been removed.
Very convenient!

The innovative GFE warning system:

  • optimal security
  • wireless
  • reliable
  • very user-friendly

The system sends warnings and data when the device parameters are exceeded,
such as removing the lifeline or warning of a possible power failure.

A web-based interface is configured to generate alerts for incoming warnings and display geo-fence locations.

This allows you to perform an immediate check or notify emergency services.

Time is of the essence.

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